Jan 26, 2010

Show/Hide and Disable Click of Radio Buttons in JQuery

Here is a nice code snippet that can help you really while you work with radio buttons and jquery!

When you have a group of radio buttons, you might want to hide all of them when one is selected and submitted.

Here is the code that can hide the radio buttons for you: (assuming that the name of the radio button that you give to all of them is "answers")


Yet another interesting code snippet that might help you while you work with radio buttons is as given below:

There are times when you feel like disabling the click of the radio button based on certain conditions. Following code helps you in disabling the click on the radio button when the radios are actually hidden and the corresponding texts are visible. (name of the radio buttons is given as "radios")

<br />$('input[name="radios"]').each(function() {<br />$(this).click(function(){ <br />// test if radio is hidden<br />if ( $(this).is(':hidden') ) { <br /> return false;<br /> } else {<br /> return true;<br /> }<br />});<br />});<br />

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